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Get the style answers you want when you need them most with on-call virtual styling and image consulting. Our experts teach you how to make the most of what you already have so that you can dress for any occasion.

Our mission

We're Not Like The Others

In a market full of clever clothing peddlers masquerading as personal stylists, we’re an ethical, sustainable, and cost-effective alternative.

We don’t work on commission and aren’t affiliated with any brands or products. Instead, we start with what you already own and only recommend purchases that will elevate your wardrobe and personal style.

That’s how we make sure you get only trustworthy advice tailored to you and your lifestyle.

Need Advice?

We can help you get off on the right foot (and in the right footwear).

Need Advice
    Step 1

    Select a vetted, expert Style for Substance stylist and book a time

    Step 2

    Log into Zoom with the link provided ready to have your style questions answered

    Step 3

    Be on your way knowing you look your best

Need Advice

What we can do for you

Headed to a black tie event and all you own are sneakers?

We can help you shop for a more sustainable solution. Rest assured, our advice is expert, honest, and free of conflicts. We don’t take any money from clothing manufacturers or retailers.

You are our priority.

You are our priority

Why You'll Heart Us

Experienced and Diverse


We've curated an outstanding team of experts from across the country to offer you a selection of skill, schedule, and budget.

Save Time and Money


Our search page allows you to filter by date and sort by cost, so you can easily tailor the experience to fit your needs.

Sustainable and Ethical


We'll help you limit over-consumption and make responsible purchases that you'll treasure. We encourage everyone to ask first and spend later (if at all).

Personalized Advice


We meet you where you are and make the most of what you have to get you where you want to go feeling confident and looking polished.

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  • Sustainable

"Never again will I wonder if my skirt is too short as I walk on stage to give a presentation. Thank you for helping me focus on my message!"

Susan J

Image and Style Advice for Life

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