Our Story

Our story

Welcome! We’re delighted to have you here.

Style for Substance was created to provide bite-sized, personalized image and style advice when you need it. In a market full of clever clothing peddlers masquerading as personal style advisors, we are an ethical, sustainable, cost-effective alternative. Let’s make the most of what you already have by pairing your existing resources with expert image and style advice.

Style for Substance has curated an outstanding team of experts from across the country to offer you a selection of skill, schedule, and budget options. Have a very specific need? Our professional personal stylists and image consultants offer a broad array of services. Just use our search page to filter by one of the many areas of expertise listed. Then take a look at the detail on the stylist’s page to find out more.

Why You'll Heart Us

Experienced and Diverse


We've curated an outstanding team of experts from across the country to offer you a selection of skill, schedule, and budget.

Save Time and Money


Our search page allows you to filter by date and sort by cost, so you can easily tailor the experience to fit your needs.

Sustainable and Ethical


We'll help you limit over-consumption and make responsible purchases that you'll treasure. We encourage everyone to ask first and spend later (if at all).

Personalized Advice


We meet you where you are and make the most of what you have to get you where you want to go feeling confident and looking polished.

  • Honest
  • Fan
  • Sustainable
Our Community

Join Our Growing Community of Style & Image Experts

Style for Substance supports small businesses across the country. We provide business opportunities and collaboration for expert, honest, sustainably-minded personal stylists and image consultants.

We welcome applications to join our highly selective team. For consideration, please send your resume or CV to help@styleforsubstance.com.

We would like to recognize the wonderful designers and artists whose work is featured on the site:

  • Namrata Laungani of Underground Movement for her skilled and patient work on the website design.
  • Svetlana Dragicevic for making the most beautiful floral images ever.
  • Chelsie Malabanan for her many custom drawings and watercolors and her assist on the website design.
  • Jenya Hitz for her stunning fashion illustrations. You are my hero (image).
  • Carine Lorach of Glacé Branding for her clever logo design and branding assistance.
  • Christy Janeczko of Christy Janeczko Photography for her photographic prowess.
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