Cecilia Stoeckicht

Cecilia Stoeckicht
Image Consultant
Wilmington, DE Eastern Time Zone

Creating Your Midlife Style Blueprint


23 years of experience

Consultation Rates
  • 10 Mins $40.00
  • 40 Mins $100.00
  • 55 Mins $125.00

My Work

Capsule Dressing
Accessories worn with intention
Dressing for your body shape - Triangle
Dressing for your body design
Urban Visual Universe
Dressing for your age

About Me


I am a Certified Image Professional (CIP) by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). I trained as an architect in Brazil, and relocated to the United States where I established Image Atelier in 1998, becoming an Architect of Personal Style. 

As an image consultant, I am passionate in guiding clients on a journey through which they transform their personal and professional images.

My driving force is to stimulate and generate change in people so that they dress, walk and speak with confidence and feel good about who they are.


Training and Awards

  • Style.Int and Beautify
  • Color and Appearance Design Color System
  • Women Fashion Styling
  • Color and Style by Style Core
  • Fashion Trend Forecasting
  • Executive Image

Image and Style Advice for Life

  • business presentation
  • wedding
  • date night
  • social media profile
  • streamlining your closet
  • job interview