Jenny Dewberry

Jenny Dewberry
Image Consultant
Dayton, OH Eastern Time Zone

Fueling Power Through Impactful Personas's


8 years of experience

Consultation Rates
  • 10 Mins $55.00
  • 25 Mins $75.00
  • 40 Mins $175.00

About Me


Jenny Dewberry is the Founder and CEO of PeoplePower Consultancy. 
Jenny is a certified Elite International Image Consultant, image coach, personal brand strategist, and a soft skills trainer, receiving her certifications through Dr. Joyce Knudsen Ph.D.  at The Image Makers Inc., she has a Professional etiquette certification through Saylor university.

Ms. Dewberry is also a member of AICI, (Association of Image Consultants International). The world's most recognized image consulting organization. She is also the VP elect of Communications and Marketing for the Southeast Region Chapter AICI

Jenny has over 25 years in the image industry, beginning as a teenager where she worked for a leading fashion retailer, in which she excelled in her knowledge of fashion sense fo while working at Nordstrom as a stylist for many years. Jenny has expanded in the image consulting industry by adding Business Image to her services. She has over 30 years of customer service experience, 25 years as an Entrepreneur, and 15 years as a business owner, which is where she gained her acumen in business strategy and etiquette.

It is my passion to unveil the very best in every person that I have the opportunity to serve.


Training and Awards

  • International Image Consultant -ImageMakers Inc
  • Unstoppable Style Program-Aileen Lane

Image and Style Advice for Life

  • business presentation
  • wedding
  • date night
  • social media profile
  • streamlining your closet
  • job interview