Rachel Glaser

Rachel Glaser
Image Consultant
Miami, FL Eastern Time Zone

"I beleive that we should ALWAYS feel beautiful and confident in our unique body and in our clothes!

I will help you find your true style identity that represents your personality. Whether you need help styling outfits for work, special occasion, school, or everyday life your essance should always sparkle.


15 years of experience

Consultation Rates
  • 10 Mins $35.00
  • 25 Mins $80.00
  • 40 Mins $116.00
  • 55 Mins $150.00

About Me


Hi beuty,

I am so happy that you found me!

My name is Rachel and I am an image consultant, stylist and designer. I don’t just put outfits together, I am passionate about boosting woman’s confidence by reveling their authentic features because self image is the key to success . 

 I have over 15 years of experience in the fashion and beauty industry and I have been styling pretty much my whole life.

Being an ethical stylist, I integrate my values. I specialize in sustainable practices to both purge and revamp your existing closets while shopping for ethical alternative pieces that will match your style yet have a conscious impact on forward fashion! (Yes you can find ethical fashion/ accesories at any budget!!)

There is a great difference between the meaning of  fashion and style. Fashion is what designers and brands offer to the world. It is what they create. Style is how you wear those clothes.

How you curate outfits that fit your unique body figure and that represent your personality. It really is a way to say who you are without having to speak.

Wether you are looking to be styled for a special event, a job, freshen up your closet with some new pieces or find out new ways to wear the clothes you already own to make the most out of your closet, I am your girl! Let me take the stress off of looking fabulous!!! Let’s embrace YOU together.


Image and Style Advice for Life

  • business presentation
  • wedding
  • date night
  • social media profile
  • streamlining your closet
  • job interview